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A legislative proposal for radiation limits on exposures up to 300 GHz (e.g. wireless, electricity) was submitted in 2022. Now there is time to rewrite what was submitted. Comments are open briefly for a short window on this and linked posts.

I probably will not post comments, even if I read them. Sometimes deletion is easier than verifying that people online are real and sincere (Twitter struggles with this, too), or testing whether links are sites for malware or sales, or dealing with interpersonal irritation as to why some comments are not posted and others are. However, if you would like your comment to be posted, please start your comment off with an asterisk (*). This doesn’t mean it will be posted, though!

This page is most useful for general comments, but detailed suggestions are appreciated, especially on the linked blog pages with sample content from 2022. Keep in mind by law all suggestions for a petition initiative must be specific only to the single topic of reducing the radiation, and may not involve regulating cell tower appearance or any other topic.

Here is a general summary of the 2022 submission – some excerpts are included:

  • require tech design that limits all kinds of incidental radiation
    • To see 2022 content and make a specific suggestion, see here;
  • require tech design that makes turning off or limiting wireless easy;
    • To see 2022 content and make a specific suggestion, see here;
  • make information on wireless facilities (e.g. cell towers) readily accessible to the public;
    • To see 2022 content and make a specific suggestions, see here;
  • require the Massachusetts telecommunications department adopt technologies that best reduce non-ionizing radiation;
  • make it much easier to enforce protection, sue and penalize wireless corporations for failing to protect us;
    • To see generic examples, see here;
  • establish a commission of first responders and others to examine how best to protect them, while maintaining needed services;
  • set exposure limits on wireless facility (e.g. cell towers ) to be as safe and minimal as possible for wireless service; and
    • To see 2022 content and make a specific suggestion, see here;
  • take steps to hard-wire and limit exposures in certain public anchor institutions.
    • To see 2022 content and make specific suggestions, see here;

Defining which frequencies to regulate and which terms to use may be of interest, so comments on terms, frequencies, and definitions may also be provided in comments below.

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