MA Legislation Timeline – RFR

Please let me know of anything to add! MA RADIOFREQUENCY RADIATION (WIRELESS, ELECTRICITY) LEGISLATION Prepared by Kirstin Beatty ~ please note that my bills are initially idealistic, but become more practical with time. Note that the Massachusetts legislature decisions are tightly controlled by leadership – advancing legislation without the support of the House Speaker is

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Transparency Amendment for ‘Investigation’ S.186

Below is a proposed amendment for S.186, a bill to investigate electromagnetic exposures like cellphone frequencies, because if this bill is approved then measures must be taken to hinder conflicts of interest and promote transparency. I know legislators may be reluctant to take a stand if in opposition to leadership, as leadership determines bonuses, etc.

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Real Conflict of Interest Reporting ~ Petition Initiative Needed

We need an agency to investigate and report on conflicts of interest in state government, including heads of executive agencies, elected officials, and candidates thereof as well as for candidates for federal office on the Massachusetts state ballot. In Massachusetts, to get any kind of access to reported conflicts of interest, an individual must provide

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Markey’s Sunrise & the Devil in Wireless

After examining Senator Ed Markey’s wireless and tech stances, I think he’s just failing to regulate for safety. Markey has known for 15 or 20 years that wireless accelerates cancer, and yet just continues pushing wireless. Environmental organizations do just the same, from Sunrise to Sierra. Is there something I’ve missed? Or is it just

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Kirstin Beatty