After teaching for years, I left in 2012 because I felt ill, not realizing then that radio-frequencies like wireless were the trigger. I’ve always been politically active, but now am focused on fixing this and government failure to respect environmental health and civil rights.
I want to acknowledge the seriousness of RF sensitivity. I am disabled by RF, but my work reflects the grace of support from loved ones and the unusual will power to stay focused during any remission in symptoms, pace work slowly, and demand reduced exposures. I am sharing to help create support my work and for what I believe needs to happen.


Causes of Interest

Good government, environmental health, ecology, business & tech regulation, local economies, privacy, education, liberty & justice for all.

Education (Primary):

B.A. English Literature, Knox College
B.A. Educational Studies, Knox College
Legal Studies (c. 9 undergraduate post-baccalaureate courses), Elms College
M.A. Reading, American International College

Recent Work:

  • Hampshire Gazette article on neurological harm from wireless and RF.
  • Engaged in preparing 2022 petition initiative for a question on the Massachusetts ballot to require real conflicts of interest reporting for Massachusetts government officials.
  • Regularly support efforts and joint state and federal testimony in support of reversing RF and/or protecting the environment, including forests.

Unique Legislative Work:

As far as I’m aware, I’ve proposed and written many original, practical legislative bills, improving submissions each legislative session. Initially, I proposed and prepared idealistic bills, such as for an expansive investigative commission or punitive limits on wireless. I’ve come to see less punitive, idealistic, and more concrete bills are needed.
My bills can be found starred at Last Tree Laws, and topics include:
  • Set up a commission to investigate police technology to regulate for health and social impacts (2021)
  • Bills for hard-wiring libraries and government buildings in alignment with existing statutes (2019+).
  • Reduce wireless in schools (initial 2015 bill idealistic, but the next session in 2017 and on I proposed something realistic)
  • Allow local educational boards to set limits on student school technology use and end technology mandates (2021+).
  • Originally proposed wireless investigation commission bill in 2014, but did not resubmit given legislative climate.
  • School privacy bill based in part on international legislation, but also proposed less technology use as privacy protection (2021).

Legislative Analysis & Research

Analysis of current MA bills can be found online at Last Tree Laws, or a timeline of all Massachusetts electromagnetic safety bills here.


    • Education – I reviewed the Massachusetts state standards and found requirements for technology use even in PreK as well as other concerning laws pushing technology in education, alongside conflicts of interest in state leadership.
      • This research led to writing bills in 2019 and 2021 to partially reverse these issues.
    • School wifi – Identified that a bill marketed as for wireless ‘best practices‘ actually required wireless installations, and helped stop the bill in 2020 in 2021.
      • In contrast, prepared several bills to limit radiofrequencies in public education.
    • 5G Promotion – Identified that a bill promoting 5G (H. 383) was sold and widely marketed in 2019 as ‘well-intended’ and `by good people’ and for economic and regulatory fairness with potential to help prevent 5G.
      • Critiqued notion later advanced that the bill could be promoted for later amendment.
      • Helped halt bill, despite division among advocates.
      • Bill was reintroduced and died in the 2021-2 session.
    • MA wireless investigation bills:
      • Identified the same conflicts of interest problem existed for a version of the New Hampshire wireless investigative commission bill promoted in 2020 as a MA substitute.
            • Drafted amendments for first bill c. 2019, updated in 2021, 2022.
            • Helped halt the bill in 2020 with testimony and marketing.
            • Critiqued concept of investigative committee in favor of less political, more concrete action.
            • This bill is advancing again in 2022 – please help lobby for amendments (instructions are either at or through this listserve).


Teaching, presentations & speaking engagements

  • I have a small TeachersPayTeachers store with some positive reviews of materials I created.
  • Although I present or debate well or well enough, based on creativity and passion, I have a variable stutter which appears or worsens when stressed or in stressful environments. Lately I’m always stressed! I can only give presentations and teach given the right setting, time, and notice. The advance request and notice is needed to gauge my status and curtail stress from technology use and other work in order to present well.


c. 2016 – present

Ordinances: Contribute to development of ordinances with original ideas that have been adopted into ordinances, and help establish ordinances locally. See further below for details on small cell tower ordinance work.


Initiative petition: propose and help gather signatures for MA ballot measure for commission to investigate technology regulation – erred in overreaching in ballot topic as described below (Ballot Committee named Last Tree Laws)

Attorney General denies certification per:

  1. broad scope where the items are not “mutually dependent” or are “unaffected by the operation of another” and

  2. improper form by requiring the legislature to consider & put to vote legislation, when this would be “a nullity, a non-binding rule each House would be free to ignore in light of its constitutional rule-making authority.”

File pro se with court:

  • Order for Injunction

  • Motion for Printing Injunction

  • Motion for Trial

  • Complaint

  • Pre-Trial Memorandum

Per tradition, appeal denied on basis of requiring all signatures to allow placement on ballot before court will review.


Set up Last Tree Laws ballot measure committee

c. 2018

Set up – site is reconfigured in 2019, with significant changes and loss of some previously posted materials.

Organize events, social media, and press releases to papers. Continue to attend and provide spoken and written testimony, besides legislative analysis.

8/2020 – prepare joint testimony against expansion of wireless ‘smart’ meter program, inviting signatures from leading advocates, as well as a longer longer, last minute statement and encouraging others’ submissions

1/2020 – prepare joint letter against 5G for medical professionals with Physicians for Safe Technology and Stop 5G International

June 2019 – prepare and send joint letter opposing FCC rules and 5G to legislators, signed by several experts and by local residents

May 2019 – prepare and send to legislators letter on environmental impact of wireless radiation signed by experts and by local residents

1/2020 – organize and publicize informational events, such as a presentation at the Holyoke Library led by Dr. Diane Testa

c. 2017 (?)

Organize or help organize informational events:

  • Amherst – Organize and invite Dr. Diane Testa to share stage

  • Wilbraham – Organized by Dr. Diane Testa, help send press releases, was invited to share the stage by Dr. Testa because she thought I’d presented so well in Amherst

c. 2017 Move to and leave due to:

  • expense & limitations
  • New Meetup data-gathering contract with Facebook
2015 MA initiative petition: propose and gather signatures for ballot measure for commission with broad powers to address electromagnetic radiation – certified but do not gather the c. 80K signatures needed (Citizens for Safer Radiation Technology)
2013 Post a running list of legislation, legal events, health recommendations, and also provide and share information, including brochures, with other organizations and individuals for use – including links to other organizations.

c. 2016 – Research & create trifold wireless overview brochure, share with other organizations
2016 – Research & create ‘smart’ meter flyer, share with other organizations
c. 2015 – Begin providing numerous spoken and written testimonies on relevant legislation in the Boston State House, analyzing others’ legislation and sharing thoughts with colleagues.
2013 – Testify against ‘smart’ meters in Boston on docket 12-76, providing a short statement and relevant health statistics and radiation effects. Have continued to testify before the DPU, when able.


2013 Formed Healing Earth Refuge using


Ordinance Work Details:

MA ordinance – Complete sample Massachusetts ordinance to regulate cell towers. The ordinance is not truly complete due to changing federal law and could use more review, but essentially compiles many ideas resulting from review of many more ordinances across Massachusetts and the USA, Massachusetts laws, and my own thoughts.
c. 2019
Repost links for ordinance sources, including references I’ve located for tree ordinances.
c. 2019
Removed most information due to information reposted by others elsewhere online, website reconfiguration, & costs of sharing and gathering so much data.
c. 2017
Post and maintain listing of ordinance ideas at
The listing included ideas from many others, but mine included:
Public registration of cell towers to pierce the corporate veil: MA 2019-2020, S. 1272
Identification of whether facilities are for telecommunications or broadband, the latter not falling under the FCC mandate.
Requiring bonds to cover ensuing health or environmental impacts.
Ongoing, random testing of cell tower radiation.
c. 2017
Post briefing of telecommunications news & laws, including listing federal laws and FCC rules related to cell tower applications, organizations involved in legal claims, copper line removal background, and relevance of net neutrality.
c. 2017
Post review summarizing ordinance key points. Environmental Health Trust references Last Tree Laws after its own longer list, incorporating some of my work.
c. 2016
Join a collaborative group focused on cell tower ordinances.
Kirstin Beatty