After teaching for years, I left in 2012 because I felt ill, blaming it on stress and not realizing then that radio-frequencies like wireless were the main trigger. I’ve always been politically active, but now am focused on fixing this and creating a more just society.

I want to acknowledge the seriousness of radio-frequency (RF) or non-ionizing radiation sensitivity. I am disabled by RF, and like most disabled struggle to get anything done. I go out when I’m able, but am often surprisingly unable. I’ve seen that many sensitives retreat and wonder how I can. I’m fighting still, but wish there were more beside me. However hard, I want to use my last breath to fix this for myself and loved ones.

Causes of Interest

Good government, environmental health, ecology, business & tech regulation, local economies, privacy, education, liberty & justice for all.

Education (Primary):

B.A. English Literature, Knox College

B.A. Educational Studies, Knox College

Legal Studies (c. 9 undergraduate post-baccalaureate courses), Elms College

M.A. Reading, American International College

Current Work:

2023 Massachusetts petition initiative, which is a massive signature drive to let voters decide to approve a law through a question on the ballot, and 2023 state legislation. With editing, financial, and legislative support, these can advance. Topics are:

  • In Process – Limiting Non-Ionizing Radiation – submitted in 2022, state feedback requires removal or revision of research component, revised and resubmitted in 2023 – see to get a petition to sign.
  • Submitted and Delayed – Real Conflicts of Interest Reporting and a Fair Legislaturea last minute version was submitted, but needs further work as discussed here;
  • Submitted and Delayed – Privacy Rights – submitted and accepted by state in 2022, delayed as not enough time to revise for improvements.

Legislative Work

From 2015 to present, I’ve prepared original and I think excellent legislation for the Massachusetts state legislature with the exception that early legislation was idealistic. This legislative session (2023-2024) I was too sick to submit prior legislation through my legislator. Legislation on radiation limits can be found here. Other topics may be found by searching my last name (the first is wrongly spelled) at the website.

Lobbying & Testimony

Our legislature lacks transparency and leadership influenced by industry decides most votes, especially the House, by suppressing public support, cutting legislative funds, and cutting legislative staff to any who rebel at our expense. Therefore, the state legislature, like the federal legislature, seems to fail to get environmental health legislation passed. Nevertheless, I’ve writen testimony to state and federal agencies, legislatures, and local and state government officials related to issues about which I care. I’ve created flyers, presentations, articles etc. Here are some examples:

  • January 2022, guest opinion to the local Hampshire Gazette on neurological harm from wireless and RF.
  • Testimony on the ‘smart’ utility grid including shared testimony. The DPU remains tone deaf, however – the testimony of others is also posted on a blog page.
  • Wireless risks and ecological harm letters, signed by experts and sent to state officials with proof of receipt.
  • Collaborated with Safe Tech International and Physicians for Safe Technology to craft a letter to cajole medical professionals.

Organizing & Petition Initiatives (Ballot Question Committees)

  • 2018 – present: Last Tree Laws was created to fill a gap left by the 2016 closure of the HER Meetup below and the closure of other state websites. Before switching hosts in 2020, the site had many pages with resources and looked beautiful.
  • 2015 – Citizens for Safer Radiation Technology (Ballot Question Committee) was formed as a ballot question committee to promote bill to investigate and address wireless dangers. The bill proposed was very idealistic, and far in advance of public awareness or support. Patricia Burke, then of Halt Smart Meters Massachusetts, was co-chair.
  • 2013 – c. 2016: Healing Earth Refuge was a Meetup group (see below) to share environmental health information, find a white zone or refuge, and share information. The site closed because of cost and privacy concerns (alignment with Facebook). At the time there wasn’t another site providing legislative or this type of information, although Halt Smart Meters Massachusetts did then provide excellent information on smart meters.

2015 Meetup Pages:

Legislative Analysis & Research

Examples include:

  • Education – Reviewed state standards and found requirements for technology use even in PreK as well as other concerning laws pushing technology in education, alongside conflicts of interest in state leadership, leading to writing of an original screen time limits bill.
  • School wifi – Identified that a bill marketed as for wireless ‘best practices‘ required wireless installations, and helped stop this bill.
  • 5G promotion – Identified and helped halt a 5G promotion bill (H. 383) that was wrongly sold and widely marketed in 2019 as ‘well-intended’ for economic and regulatory fairness with potential to help prevent 5G (search for ‘383’ on the linked page based on your browser abilities).
  • MA wireless investigation bills – Identified that a bill for a wireless investigative commission failed to prevent conflicts of interest and allowed Big Tech domination. Drafted amendments in two different sessions to point to and fix these issues.
  • Cell tower ordinances – Initially I reviewed and summarized Massachusetts and a few other state ordinances, but removed them after they were reposted in several locations online and since others with more staff have since created longer lists, summarized information or created ordinance templates. I’ve shared ideas others may have also had, such as requiring registration to pierce the corporate veil (also a 2019 bill); distinguishing between whether an application is for telecommunications or broadband (the latter is not covered by the federal statute and court decisions); requiring bonds to cover health and environmental impacts; and random, ongoing testing requirements.

Teaching, writing, presentations & speaking engagements

I have been complimented on original curriculum and leading interesting classes and presentations, though I’ve stopped preparing any curriculum as I’m focused on leigislation. Still, as example:

  • For presentation, Dr. Diane Testa asked me to join her and another to present in Wilbraham, because she saw me present in Amherst and thought I did well. On that note, I’d like to clear the record:
    • Wanting to be helpful, I assisted with writing and sending press releases, but unfortunately arrived late like a ghost walking after a c. 6 hour drive that day to and from Boston. I remain concerned that the audience didn’t realize when I joined that I was invited. I kept trying to hint or say something, but Diane seemed to be unaware and Cece, who was also present, seemed to start talking each time I attempted. I mention that I was invited so as to correct the record since the audience might not have known. I wanted very much to connect with the 50+ persons in attendance, but wasn’t able to get a copy of the email list for myself despite living nearby and having shared that I wished to connect on an working ordinance draft with the audience — at the time in 2017 there wasn’t an ordinance template at all and I was engaged people across the nation on ordinance solutions. Cece was very concerned about the privacy of audience members and felt she could not share that list. When I insisted and called over Diane, Cece stated she could only mention my interest so as to protect privacy. To address my concerns and Diane’s, she did BCC a page-long long email with a brief mention near bottom, but I never heard from anyone and can’t imagine anyone would bother reading the email to the end as it didn’t even have paragraphing. I prefer to working in supportive groups, collaborate and share ideas, and was extremely disappointed. I hope people in Wilbraham understand that I was invited by Diane.
  • Although commended for being engaging, I have a variable stutter which appears or worsens when stressed or in stressful environments and lately I’m frequently stressed from using my time to work hard instead of sit in the sun. I can only give presentations and teach given the right setting, time, and notice to allow time to recuperate.

Informal Recommendations

I received an email in 2022, which I want to remember – I have some good memories of teaching and some students like this, plus an ego boost is always needed:

‘I remember distinctly liking your class because it wasn’t as rigid as other English classes I had. You had us do this cool project where we had to record ourselves like a radio station. Hahaha. I think I used Nine Inch Nails on mine. It’s a shame you stopped teaching, but I can totally understand the reasons. Good teachers rarely go far when faced with a state mandated test and guidelines. But I’m super glad to hear about your legislative work. I feel like that may be a good fit for someone with your understanding temperament.’

Also, I’m closing an online shop of my teaching materials when I get to it, but thought I’d include some screenshots of feedback since there were only 10 written responses and my ego loves seeing up votes:

Of 10 votes, most are rated 5.0, excepting a 4.5 for two ratings for an 15+ year-old PPT on African literature and for one rating of Biblical vocabulary, resulting in a 4.8 average.

For the PPT created c. 8 years ago, mentioned above in lobbying sections – a very nice review from Lance McKee:

For religious or biblical vocabulary in The Scarlet Letter:

For a short PPT activity related to genetic engineering:

A graphic organizer for a book v. movie comparison:

For a very old PPT without graphics but lots of text on African literature and traditional oral literature devices:

For MLK, Jr., vocabulary and associated activity:

There are only 10 ratings, so the others are basically the same. That is it! Honestly, this is just an memory ego boost for me, posting these! Someone has to do it, of course, since I’m closing shop.

Kirstin Beatty