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Trump is just one official who hid his tax return, likely at everyone else’s expense, and Hunter Biden seems to have taken advantage as well. In Massachusetts, conflicts of interest are hidden, but a few corrupt officials can cause great damage – e.g. charter school funding inequities, expensive utilities, logging acres for solar, ignoring code violations. For more, see:

  • Ballot Question on Real Conflict of Interest Reporting
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Last Tree Laws is the main lobbying site for the above ballot question and for legislation.

One focus of lobbying is regulating non-ionizing radiation (e.g. wireless and electricity) to protect health and Mother Earth. Other important issues include privacy rights, other human rights, and pollution-free, native ecosystems.

Because legislators fail to understand the urgency of curtailing non-ionizing radiation, please get on-board and meet with your legislators in-person now. Convince them amendments must be attached to advancing legislation now, based on legislation I’ve submitted this session — and let me know if I can help with writing. At minimum, legislators could hard-wire a few places, and after that amend S.186 to assure above-board transparency. Legislators take risks proposing amendments — but we must convince them to act. An amendment is a quick option for right now. Otherwise, we are in another waiting game till next year.

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I’ve covered my technology bills for February and March, thanks to one-time donations! I’m so glad to see this support! If you support my research and writing, please donate to the ballot measure above. If a teacher, and you purchase curriculum, I have a small store at TeachersPayTeachers.



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