Hi, glad you are here! I hope you will consider helping to pass better laws – no time for tea – with a focus on Massachusetts. Enjoy reading!


I’m working via Last Tree Laws on setting up 2023 petition initiatives and seek your support. A MA petition initiative gathers around 100,000 state voter signatures to allow voters a chance to vote on specific legislation with a ballot question.

Moving forward will depend on volunteers and financial support – this will decide progress:

  1. Limit Non-Ionizing Radiation – donate at Last Tree Laws or at https://donorbox dot org/massachusetts-radiation-limits-for-tech-3 to RadLimits at Last Tree Laws, the ballot committee name, because in 2011 the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified radiofrequencies (e.g. wireless, non-ionizing radiation) as a potential carcinogen, and since then, most of those scientists now say it is definitely carcinogenic – such as scientist Hardell or scientist and NIEHS administrator Portier.
  2. Privacy Rights 
  3. Real Conflict of Interest Reportingremains tentative as this has not been completed and so may be revised and delayed. The concept is timely & bi-partisan. In Massachusetts, conflicts of interest are difficult to access for the public, but can cause great damage – e.g. charter school funding inequities, expensive tone-deaf utilities, logging acres for solar, ignoring code violations (locally), and stalled popular legislation.


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Kirstin Beatty