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The best part of my life is my daughter — from her birth to who she is. No one is perfect, but spending time with her is often perfect.

When I realized wireless was making me sick, I knew that this would be a terrible battle. I did not realize then my daughter would fight for me or be my champion. Remembering to avoid wireless is tiresome for me and my family. Yet still today, my daughter will have a sharp word for anyone in our home considering anything wireless. Sometimes my family blames me for my circumstances, but not my daughter. I don’t have to reiterate, or say I’m tired, or that I’m hoping the WiFi will be turned off as soon as possible.

I know other mothers who confess sensitivity are being blamed by family members including their own children, and that this is a bitter situation. I can’t imagine how painful it would be to have your own child angry with you for ruining everything.

My sensitivity and this situation is wrong for me, and wrong for my daughter. There is too much to face and fight. Nothing about this is fair.

When I realized wireless was making me sick, I thought I would soon die of a brain tumor because of the pain and flares from wireless radiation. I know that I’m the one that cares about my daughter nonstop, all the time. I give her what few do: attention, honesty, understanding, and first place.

When I realized wireless was dangerous, I took her out of schools as soon as could be arranged. I hate TV babysitters, but we ended up watching TV on days I was too ill for anything at all, if she hadn’t a book. I couldn’t do it forever. The positive was my daughter’s reading and math skills improved enormously. The negative was being reported to the state for homeschooling due to sensitivity or craziness, and enduring regular nerve-wracking visits. The negative was my daughter returning to public school wireless exposures, which I knew to be extreme. I’m happy now she’s at home learning on a hard-wired computer remotely, because the exposures in public schools are dangerous — although technically wireless is all bad, high density power is usually worse.

I’ve been working on legislation a few years, trying to improve bills to meet my desires for real change and to fit the reality of what is possible. This year I’ve several good bills posted at, some of which could move forward due to finally being a just right-sized request for a state legislature being lobbied for change and, I hope, ramifications of future favorable judicial decisions.

I wrote two bills to spur colleges to hard wire, not only for preK-12 schools. I’m concerned about what is next, after high school, for my daughter. The University of Massachusetts Amherst nearby has a cell tower on campus. All colleges use WiFi and have numerous transmitting digital devices. Even without wireless, sitting all day before a computer is harmful to health. Our use of technology seems to breed technology job requirements. I prepared a bill inviting police and other emergency personnel to engage in a study of how to reduce detrimental health impacts, because I think we need to start making those baby steps to change.

I was one of many teachers injured by wireless at work. I did go to court. I spent time and money on a public school workman’s compensation case caring mostly about removing wireless from schools. The judge was in a difficult position, and so the case dragged on as we argued about testing, experts, and proving exposures were unsafe — but nothing happened since we finally realized the statute of limitations had passed so the case was dropped.

Like many her age, my daughter is less healthy than I was at her age. I can’t recall being routinely nauseous as a child or teenager, or having lower energy levels. She says her energy levels are normal, but then she is comparing to her own generation and not mine. I know from experience wireless causes me exhaustion and nausea, and from research that exposures trigger early or rapid onset of cancer, infertility, heart and other disease. I can remind, but people forget. I spent years in front of the computer working and hurting to neatly compile concrete evidence only to see so much denial in the same vein that the Holocaust could never happen, that no one could ever be so stupid and cruel as to undermine the health of so many.

I think memories and moods are shot for most, due to cellphone and other antennas, and I worry about my daughter growing up in a WiFried world with everyone very sick or dead far too soon, as well as more irritable and less intelligent. Who wants a sick world? A sick environment?

I’ve got another year before she attends college, unless delayed. My mind and body has been in and out of service with sickness, yet my parents want me to work and earn money. I steadfastly ignore them because it doesn’t take much WiFi to devastate me. I know I’ve got to make money somehow, to relieve another kind of burden on my family. Yet, I’m going to keep chugging along using the hard-wired computer to work on lobbying, legislation, and anything that makes a better world for my daughter and everyone else. The alternative, doing nothing, is scary.

For this Mother’s Day, to protect the ones I love, I would like everyone to stop relying on wishful wireless safety presumptions, and take measurable action to halt wireless dependence and use. For this Mother’s Day I would like families to actively support less and safer tech at home, in town, in the city, and in state and federal politics, and recycle any existing cellphones.

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