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Infertility, Wireless, & Electricity

In 2013 Dr. Barrie Trower, a retired UK military wireless expert, wrote: “a minimum of 57.7% of schoolgirls exposed to low-level microwave radiation (Wi-fi) are at risk of suffering stillbirth, foetal abnormalities or genetically damaged children, when they give birth.” [Emphasis added]. So many people will naively say that government would do something if there […]

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Markey’s Sunrise & the Devil in Wireless

After examining Senator Ed Markey’s wireless and tech stances, I think he’s just failing to regulate for safety. Markey has known for 15 or 20 years that wireless accelerates cancer, and yet just continues pushing wireless. Environmental organizations do just the same, from Sunrise to Sierra. Is there something I’ve missed? Or is it just

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Kirstin Beatty