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In 2013 Dr. Barrie Trower, a retired UK military wireless expert, wrote: “a minimum of 57.7% of schoolgirls exposed to low-level microwave radiation (Wi-fi) are at risk of suffering stillbirth, foetal abnormalities or genetically damaged children, when they give birth.” [Emphasis added].

So many people will naively say that government would do something if there was any risk.

For any skeptics and scientists, Dr. Trower asks a question which research has yet to answer: “What is the safe level of microwave irradiation for the ovarian follicles during the first 100 days development of the embryo?

Dr. Trower’s full statement is well worth reading. I thought others might not understand, and so created a presentation, was reviewed in October 2017 by Dr. Paul Heroux, an expert in this field who assisted with the New Hampshire Investigation of 5G — although since then updated.

This presentation is important to me, as I can’t think of anyone having hit on and synthesized this information so clearly in 2017, and as I feel my testimony then was crucial to moving relevant bills forward out of the state committee, even my hard core, idealistic bill. I suspect that the presentation, then much broader in scope, served to convince some experts and advocates of electromagnetic sensitivity.

Below you can find simply some notes I’d created on this page for some slides, minus the slide images. As I’ve moved to a new website and lost the time to reload all presentation images, I’m leaving links as to where you can find the images until these are one day reloaded:

You can download a version of the presentation with notes freely from TeachersPayTeachers or see a few slides at the Internet Archive here or see a a version of this page saved on 15 October 2020 with the original images at the Internet Archive.

While abortion rights activists even shoot to halt abortion and while Covid19 results in quarantine, comparative silence exists over pollution, including electromagnetic, as a cause of miscarriage, failure to conceive, and even genetic abnormalities.


    1. After products enter the marketplace, the burden of proving harm falls to the consumer.
    2. Monied interests – telecommunications and chemical interests heavily lobby agencies, including to advance wireless technologies in agriculture, medical fields, etc.
    3. U.S. agencies have both legislative and executive power, increasing opportunities and incentives to abuse that power. Agencies tend to have conflicts of interest, including revolving doors for industry and shady stocks or financial arrangments.

U.S. consumers regularly recognize federal agency failures when opting for optional product certifications such as organic, GMO-free, or GreenScreen, but these optional, costly certifications marginalize the poor and fail to address the travel or ubiquity of pollution.

Levine H, Jørgensen N, Martino-Andrade A, Mendiola J, Weksler-Derri D, Mindlis I, Pinotti R, Swan SH. (2017). Temporal trends in sperm count: a systematic review and meta-regression analysis. Human Reproduction Update.

Huang C, Li B, Xu K, Liu D1, Hu J, Yang Y, Nie H, Fan L, Zhu W. (2017). Decline in semen quality among 30,636 young Chinese men from 2001 to 2015. Fertil Steril. 2017 Jan;107(1):83-88.e2. [A total of 30,636 men]

Led by John Hopkins University’s Dr. Lilienfeld, the U.S. study found little and has been critiqued as doctored and rushed. As staff claimed, comparison embassies may also have been irradiated, thus reducing the chance of medical conditions being considered statistically significant.

The Lilienfeld study concluded before following long-term effects, but other scientists examined the record. According to Goldsmith, embassies in Moscow had cancer rates higher than the US population, citing higher rates of multiple cancers, breast cancer, tumors, and leukemia. Blood changes of Moscow personnel included the rise then fall of lymphocytes and the reverse with neutrophils (Goldsmith). WBCs rose 6 months after arrival in Moscow (ADST). This is especially unusual because embassy staff were in most cases preselected to be healthier than the average population with special “1” clearances.

Dr. Neil Cherry states the data’s remarkable: “Despite the small numbers, the lack of long latency period and dilutionary factors, the Lillienfeld data shows a significant increases in: cardiac symptoms, neurological and psychological symptoms, altered blood counts, increased chromosome aberrations, and elevated cancer in children and adults, sickness increasing in a dose-response manner with years of residence” and that these are associated with chronic microwave pulsed exposure < 0.04 to 0.2 µW/cm2. That level is equal to or lower than ambient exposure’s today.

Recently, Dr. Beatrice Golomb has engaged in research indicating the sudden development of serious health issues of Cuban embassy diplomats is caused by intense microwave exposure. Information can be found online at – along with apparently a bro-appropriation of her work.
Goldsmith JR. (1995). Epidemiologic evidence of radiofrequency radiation (microwave) effects on health in military, broadcasting, and occupational studies. Int J Occup Med Environ Health. 1:47–57.
Cherry, N. (2000) Evidence of Health Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation, To the Australian Senate Inquiry into Electromagnetic Radiation. [Cherry was an environmental professor at Lincoln University in NZ, with a BSC in math, chemistry, and physics, and Honors solid state physics degree (equivalent to Masters), and Ph.D in Meteorology, and was given a national award as Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2002]

Although the Lilienfeld study concluded before following long-term effects, the Boston Globe’s front page 16 February 1976 report on US Ambassador Stoessel’s “strange blood ailment” further raised public concern & awareness. Ambassador Walter Stoessel was reported as developing a rare blood cancer with bleeding from the eyes. Stoessel died of leukemia at age 66, just as two other exposed Moscow ambassadors, Llewellyn Thompson and Charles Bohlen, had died of cancer. In March 1976 US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski told Chicago Daily News columnist Keyes Beech that the embassy had the highest cancer rates in the world (Steneck).

Sharon Weinberger recently discounted Dr. Jacobsen’s results after interviewing defense officials since in 1992 Jacobsen was convicted of using his own hormones or sperm to fake pregnancies in women. Two facts argue against Sharon’s conclusions. First, federal officials had engaged in denial of biological effects during the Lilienfeld study. Minutes obtained by an FOIA request show that state department case worker Dr. Herbert Pollack altered the conclusions of the Moscow Embassy study conducted by Dr. Lilienfield & colleagues at the John Hopkins University so as to state no effects could be associated (Cherry, 2000). More importantly, current research confirms that wireless can cause genetic damage.

Nicholas H Steneck. Microwave debate (1987) Cambridge: Mit Press. Page 199.
Weinberger, S. (2017, Aug 25) The secret history of diplomats and invisible weapons. Foreign Policy.
Cherry, N. (2000) Evidence of Health Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation, To the Australian Senate Inquiry into Electromagnetic Radiation. [Cherry was an environmental professor at Lincoln University in NZ, with a BSC in math, chemistry, and physics, and Honors solid state physics degree (equivalent to Masters), and Ph.D in Meteorology, and was given a national award as Officer of the New Zealand Order of Merit in 2002]

In 2016, typical wireless exposures approach or exceed the average estimate at the Moscow Embassy, besides being longer than the usual 2-4 year diplomatic tour.

A graph prepared by the Bioinitiative Working Group catalogues some of the power levels and corresponding health effects for wireless, listing genetic changes including:

  • chromatin conformation problems (DNA) beginning as low as 10-13 µW/cm2;
  • at 1 µW/cm2 induced pathological leakage of the blood-brain barrier;
  • at 1.25 µW/cm2 notes impaired kidney development in rats;
  • at 1.5 µW/cm2 impaired memory function in rats;
  • by 5 µW/cm2 notes a drop in lymphocytes (immune system impairment) along with nervous system impairment;
  • and at 10 µW/cm2 lists a very short latency period for increased risk of cancer.

The iphone in talk mode exceeds all of these levels. Cell phone pulses often exceed 10 µW/cm2.

An Acoustimeter with demonstrated accuracy as compared to a calibrated Spectran meter was used by the author to measure the iPad, an Anki Overdrive, and GoTalkie Walkie Talkie. A GoTalkie Walkie Talkie for children exceeded the Acoustimeter’s measuring range of 10 µW/cm2 (or >6 V/m), while a children’s wireless race car from Anki Overdrive came close at 9.8 µW/cm2 (also over 6 V/m). Measurements next to an iPad downloading were 8.8 µW/cm2. reports 17,500 µW/cm2 from a Cisco 4410N WAP router. The levels described for the Cisco router by RFEMF dot com exceed federal regulations.
The Cleveland Clinic chart shows the mean for normal sperm shape ranged from 40 percent for non-use to 18 percent for more than four hours of cell phone use a day.

Although the control in the Cleveland Clinic study states no use, individuals not using a cell phone were likely still exposed to wireless signals, but at lower power by virtue of not carrying a transmitting cell phone on the body. Finding a true control is difficult when everyone is exposed to some level of ambient wireless.

Exponent industry consultant and ICES committee member Gabor Mezei recently published a study appearing to debunk studies finding damage to sperm from cell phone use, but his data shows a reduction in sperm quality that appear just below statistical significance and relies on “self-reporting.” Another Mezei study examining fields by solar photovoltaic panels noted that all fields were below IEEE guidelines, ignoring the fact that IEEE guidelines are unusually high or that he helps sets those guidelines as a member of the small committee. Mezei has a conflict of interest as Exponent is a product defense consulting firm with telecommunication and utility clients.

Statistically significant is not easy to reach, especially when using small sample sizes. For example, when some cancers occur just one in 100,000, then evaluating risk from a small sample size can be impossible. Despite the difficulty of proving “statistical significance,” industry interests have promoted the concept of raising the bar or increasing the rate at which findings would be considered significant.

Although a small sample size may pose some statistical issues with rare effects, a small study can still observe physiological, biological and chemical changes. Small studies are more affordable for academics and independent scientists, whereas larger studies usually require government or industry support.

Note: For more studies on male reproduction see:
Houston B, Nixon B, King BV, De Iuliis G, Aitken RJ. The effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation on sperm function. Reproduction. 2016 Sep 6. pii: REP-16-0126.
Sepehrimanesh, M. & Davis, D.L. Proteomic impacts of electromagnetic fields on the male reproductive system. Comp Clin Pathol (2016). doi:10.1007/s00580-016-2342-x.
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In 2016, Türedi & colleagues found severe ovarian damage from exposure to frequencies used in wireless communications, including vasocongestion (swelling), vacuolization (forming extra vacuoles) and severe follicular degeneration, the last clearly indicating development of an egg into a full-grown baby was compromised. Vacuoles are implicated in tumors.

Pathological structural changes have also been observed in the other parts of the body such as the testis, thyroid, spleen, brain, and heart from electromagnetic exposures, and not only from prenatal exposures, but also from exposures later in life such as during adolescence. For example, a study by Ikinci and colleagues with similar prenatal exposure only from day 13 to 21 of pregnancy for one hour daily found structural changes in the hippocampus, the reservoir of memory in the brain.

Ikinci A, Odaci E, Yildirim M, Kaya H, Akca M, Hanci H, Aslan A, Sönmez OF, Bas O. (2013). The effects of prenatal exposure to a 900 megahertz electromagnetic field on hippocampus morphology and learning behavior in rat pups. Neuroquantology. 11 (4): 582-590
Myung Chan Gye & Chan Jin Park. (2012). Effect of electromagnetic field exposure on the reproductive system. Clin Exp Reprod Med. 39(1): 1–9.

In nesting sites within 100 meters of one or several cell tower antennas with the main beam impacting directly at >2 V/m, many young died from unknown causes, couples, couples often fought, didn’t advance construction of nests, & dropped sticks, and some storks just stood passively never building a nest.

Comcast currently provides modems with 2.5 and 5 Ghz frequencies for private wireless and public hotspots. Wireless signals vary in strength while pulsing on and off. A September 2017 measurement found an excess of 6 V/m within several feet of a new Comcast modem. After disabling the private wireless and public hotspot via phone calls and online work, the modem continued to emit high levels. On another floor, at least thirty feet away, measurements of a combined iPhone on speakerphone and the Comcast hotspot power levels exceeded 6 V/m. The problem was eventually resolved but led to many phone calls with different representatives often wrongly stating the wireless was disabled. More recently, in 2020, a new modem and router had to be purchased as the newest Comcast modem could not be disabled, once again despite the statements of Comcast representatives that the wireless connectivity was disabled.

With multiple transmitters and invisible beams in workplaces and homes, exposures today exceed cell tower levels long considered dangerous. In schools, wireless transmitters are often “industrial” or extra powerful to accommodate wireless technology use.

Spot measurements of neonatal incubators were published as 1.51 V/m in January 2017 by Calvente and others in the journal Environmental Research.

Children’s toys may also have high levels. Levels measured briefly near the hand-held operating device for the “Millennium Falcon” drone reached 3.8 V/m, and exceeded 6 V/m near Anki Overdrive wireless race cars. Levels from GoTalkie Walkie-Talkies for children exceeded 6 V/m and also exceeded the microwatts measuring ability, being greater than the averaged 10 μW/cm2. While 8.5 V/m for one wireless utility meter (AMI/mesh) at one meter is already high for a utility meter wireless transmission, signals may be stronger. Some utility customers may also have stronger signal as private homes may serve as a collection station & relay station for other meters. A 2020 study measured 1o-13 V/m for a single utility meter and 13-38 V/m for a bank of 20-81 meters at a distance of 0.3 meters (c. 1 foot).

These random and ambient exposures are at levels historically unprecedented for the general population.

From 300 MHz to 300 GHz, natural power levels are 0.0000061 V/m.

Ambient wireless radiation may have unintended, detrimental impacts on electrical wiring and nuclear plant safety.

According to a 1986 article in Microwave News, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) recognized the potential for wireless frequencies to interfere with plant safety and wiring beginning in 1982. Interference from radio waves and walkie talkies included false instrument readings, malfunction of a multiplexer necessary for off-site power, malfunction of an automatic safety system, tripping of two transformers for a nuclear plant’s offsite power: and interference with “transceivers in the fiber optics systems.”

Note: Children’s toys, Holyoke Hospital, and iPad were measured by an Acoustimeter with correct calibration as recently compared to a calibrated professional Spectran meter.

Aerts, S., Van den Bossche, M., Vergara, X., Odie, S., Verloock, L., Martens, L., & Joseph, W. (2020). Spatial and temporal assessment of radiofrequency electromagnetic fields emitted by smart meters and smart meter banks in urban environments. Environmental research, 183, 109196.

For this study, Magras and Xenos mated six young, 2-month-old dams for each group. A control was mated only once, with 8 offspring, although the authors noted a long history of using these kinds of mice with continuing and larger reproductive success than the exposed mice. For the exposed mice, the fifth mating occurred to see whether fertility would return once exposures were reduced to much lower levels. Oddly, weight and length increased in all exposed mice.

The chart reflects the findings from the median, but the mean has different results. The mean, or average, shows 0.2 offspring for Group B in the last, or fifth litter, despite zero for litters 3 and 4,. The fifth litter may be a hopeful sign that some recovery is possible with time for repair.

There is a pattern of dismissing small studies, especially when financially expedient. However, this is foolish because it fails to account for such strong effects as observed in this study, and also because it fails to account for patterns within a number of small studies. Many studies have found infertility to a be connected to wireless exposures, thus adding validity and importance to this study.

What is concerning is that the higher levels of exposure listed here for group B can be exceeded near or within fifteen feet of a router or other strong transmitters, including personal devices.

Note: Depending on the type of mouse, genetic inheritance, and environmental conditions, reproductive capacity can vary, but an average of 8 offspring per litter and 10 litters is possible.

Statistics bear out rising reproductive issues, even when tracking is difficult. For example, not all states report fetal deaths, and those that do often track only after 20 weeks of gestation (5 months) or after a birth weight of 350 grams. This fails to note increases in early miscarriage. In general, the more immature the fetus, the more susceptible it is from toxic exposures to neurological injury and the more widespread and serious will be the consequences, including miscarriage.

Notes: The 1992 Revision of the Model State Vital Statistics Act and Regulations (1) recommends the following reporting requirement for fetal death: ‘‘Each fetal death of 350 grams or more, or if weight is unknown, of 20 completed weeks gestation or more, calculated from the date last normal menstrual period began to the date of delivery, which occurs in this state shall be reported within 5 days after delivery to the (Office of Vital Statistics) or as otherwise directed by the State Registrar.’’

Despite the 12 independent institutes engaged in this study, Alexander Lerchyl, professor at Jacob University in Bremen, Germany, made accusations of fraud upon its release. Interestingly, Lerchyl was denied entry into the IARC wireless assessment due to conflicts of interest. In 2015, a court case was decided in favor of a REFLEX lab technician who had accused Lerchyl of character assassination. Surprisingly, after years of denying wireless biological effects, in 2015 Lerchyl and colleagues published research finding lymphoma and liver, lung tumor promotion much increased when wireless was combined with a cancer-causing agent at levels far below that from iPads and cell phones—no dose response effect was seen.

As mentioned in the REFLEX study, overall health, diet, & genetic factors may increase or inhibit sensitivity or repairs. As demonstrated in research by de Luca and others in 2014, individuals reporting electromagnetic sensitivity (ES) are more likely to have genetically-based detoxification deficiencies including deficiencies manufacturing the enzyme glutathione.

Chiara de Luca, Jeffrey Chung Sheun Thai, Desanka Raskovic, Eleonora Cesareo, Daniela Caccamo, Arseny Trukhanov, and Liudmila Korkina. (2014). Metabolic and Genetic Screening of Electromagnetic Hypersensitive Subjects as a Feasible Tool for Diagnostics and Intervention. Mediators of Inflammation. Article ID 924184
Adlkofer, F. (2015). PresseMitteilung: das Waterloo des Strahlenschuetzers Alexander Lerchl Sein Falshungvorwurf gegenuber der REFLEX-Studie ist Rechtswidrig. Pandora – Stiftung für unabhängige Forschung.
Lerchyl, A, Klose, M, Grote, K, Wilhelm, AF, Spathmann, O, Fiedler, T, Streckert, J, Hansen, V, Clemens, M. (2015) Tumor promotion by exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields below exposure limits for humans. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 459(4):585-90

Because ionizing radiation also damages DNA, historic ionizing exposures may provide another clue as to the impacts of non-ionizing radiation. According to the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation, or UNSCEAR, reports, many workers at the Chernobyl power plant explosion received ionizing radiation exposures less than, equal to, or more than 0.5 gray (Gy) of gamma radiation ( 134 workers received high doses between 0.8 and 16 Gy and suffered radiation sickness: of these, 28 died in the first three months. 530,000 recovery operation workers also received doses between 0.02 Gy and 0.5 Gy. Exposure accumulates. According to the World Health Organization, in 20 years since the explosion, residents in more contaminated areas such as in Belarus or Ukraine would have received upwards of 50 Gy over time.

Both nuclear and wireless cause DNA damage which can accumulate when repair systems are overwhelmed.

In “Science with a Skew: The Nuclear Power Industry after Chernobyl and Fukishima” (The Asia-Pacific Journal, Vol. 10: 1(3), 2 Jan 2012), Gayle Greene writes “Prior to 1985 more than 80% of children in the Chernobyl territories of Belarus, Ukraine, and European Russia were healthy; today fewer than 20% are well,” noting effects of exposure including severe mental retardation, cancer, especially to the thyroid, ulcers, chronic pulmonary disease, diabetes mellitus, eye problems, higher incidence of infectious and viral disease–impacts on every system in the body. Which of these effects can be expected from wireless, from similar DNA damage?

A problem is that monitoring of exposures from neither electricity or wireless exists, so that in the workplace and at home high exposures can occur without any awareness.

Increasing use of personal technology devices or computerized equipment means that many people are now in close contact with equipment that can emit high fields or wireless frequencies.

Dr. Sam Milham and others have noted that electrical wiring can emit many different frequencies other than the fifty or sixty hertz needed for electricity. These additional frequencies, operating as harmonics, transients, or surges, are believed harmful due to bioactive pulsing and synergism with other frequencies, and are known to shorten the life of electronics. In the same way, Dr. Milham believes these additional frequencies shorten and impair our own lives.

Because of digital technology and energy-saving appliances, our electrical wiring has become polluted by extra frequencies. The solution may be not just to reduce proximity and electrical use, but to turn towards direct current. Direct current does not have harmonics, transients, or surges. Additionally, direct current is protected from lightning strikes and other surges of energy. For this reason, direct current is not just better for health, but better for security.

Nearly any device plugged into the wall can cause biological effects from electromagnetic fields. Even electrical wiring emits fields, sometimes notably 5 to 8 feet from the wall. However, the hours spent near digital devices allow for greater effect, as proximity increases the strength of exposure.

Because fields drop with distance, keeping distance from sources is useful. Admitting electromagnetic radiation can be a problem is the first step to reducing exposures.

In addition to health effects from fields, digital devices can increase likelihood of fire.

Digital utility meters, attached to the whole house wiring, have been implicated in many fires on the of basis improper installation or poor wiring design. Poor wiring design occurs from trying to include complex digital capabilities on the cheap inside a small utility meter, often with faulty grounding protection.

When digital devices are placed on or covered by a soft surface, like a pillow, then overheating and fire may occur because the soft surface can block heat release, including vents on the underside of laptops.

Another cause of fires can be the increasing burden on an overloaded electrical system. Technology uses an enormous amount of energy in operation – many mroe devices are plugged into walls throughout buildings.

The 2017 study by De Kun Li and colleagues on miscarriage is especially interesting because the study measured actual exposure levels, whereas many other studies have estimated exposures, sometimes relying on career or questionnaires to guess exposure. In this study, findings were statistically significant, when comparing higher to lesser magnetic field exposures.

This study was funded through the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences.

A field of 2 milligauss is quite high. Average ambient magnetic fields in homes, even near modern digital devices, is less than 1 milligauss. Lower levels would be even better, as indicated by Building Biology Guidelines (see Safe Living Technologies for the guidelines). However, devices, especially smaller devices or devices with a large motor, such as an electric shaver or Vitamix machine, can have absurdly high magnetic fields.

The Goldhaber study may not be the result of just magnetic fields from electricity. Other electromagnetic radiation from old computer screens includes small amounts of ionizing radiation from the screens – that is, small amounts of X-ray or nuclear radiation. Other non-ionizing frequencies emitted by screen light may have played a role. Digital devices also contaminate wiring with extraneous frequencies called transients or harmonics – these frequencies may also have biological effect.

The first step to addressing a problem is to admit existence of the problem. California is one of the few, perhaps the only, state to limit magnetic fields in schools. The United States is lagging behind other countries who have sought to electromagnetic exposures, with greater protections than in the USA in schools, hospitals, the workplace, and in terms of ambient radiation.

In fact, average magnetic and electrical fields are already lower inmany other countries, such as European countries, as a result of using 50 hertz instead of 60 hertz for electricity.

In sum, electromagnetic pollution needs to and can be addressed now on behalf of our own and our children’s health — not only reproduction.

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