Thanks for my run for Holyoke Representative!

Updated 15 June 2020.

I’ve set aside my candidacy as I did not successfully gather enough signatures. I want to thank everyone who signed as this boosted my moral, as it was an expression of support for what I believe – ideas of fairness, a level playing field, kindness, and support for protection of human rights and environmental protections.

Technically, I believe that Covid19 is mainly at fault for failing to get signatures – I picked up papers directly before quarantine and found gathering signatures difficult. If Covid19 concerns continue, then I’m concerned how this might impact any candidates running for office. People did not want to answer the door even before quarantine. Older people are especially being careful even now, and social distancing is to remain in effect. I wonder if Covid19 is going to permanently change how people interact. If I had reams of email addresses and was on Facebook, then signature gathering might have been easy. Yet, I think candidate support should be based on more than technological talents.

I was glad my candidacy was listed in the Hampshire Gazette and the Holyoke Sun.

Covid19 has some implications for elections as well. With quarantine fears, how are people going to learn about candidates? Who will pay for advertisements and buy the paper during a sinking economy? The Holyoke Sun was very kind to put in a last-minute response to questions, and fair to offer the same space as given for other candidates. Yet, the Holyoke Sun, during peak quarantine, probably had low circulation because it is a free paper that is picked up by customers in a few locations rather than delivered. Hopefully, now people feel comfortable picking up the free paper.

The Hampshire Gazette has traditionally served Hampshire country, rather than Holyoke, and so has fewer Holyoke customers. However, the Hampshire Gazette has recently been covering Holyoke news, clearly taking a competitive tack to the Sunday Republican. I find the Hampshire Gazette’s reporting commendable in particular regarding the sharing of teacher voices over the Holyoke schools receivership.

Original Post:

I need your help to run for Holyoke state representative, to let people know about my candidacy.

Please share as a source of information on my candidacy – and if you have questions, please use the forum.

The date for collecting signatures has passed, and so signatures are not needed. Instead, here are a few answers to questions.

Why Now?

I had put aside running because of the Covid19 quarantine, but the recent Supreme Court decision to allow electronic signatures makes gathering signatures possible though still quite difficult. I was unsure as to how to collect electronic signatures and so delayed gathering signatures because of Covid19 quarantine measures.

If I win the primary, I will work hard for everyone. If not, I will use this opportunity to get important issues into the news and develop support for the legislation put forward via Last Tree Laws, including for the Precautionary Principle.

I have concerns that good, strong legislation to prevent corruption, to promote environmental health, to protect human rights, to provide decent jobs for everyone is not being passed in the State House.

What about Dividing the Vote?

As far as I know, there are already 3 people running who will split the vote.

Part of the reason I’m running is to put issues out there to raise awareness, such as to promote the Precautionary Principle for a ballot measure – this is a principle which can be applied to prevent harm to the public, either environmental or otherwise. Getting the attention of the public and getting in the paper is quite difficult, and so this is one way.

If I feel that I am not the best choice or cannot win, then I will step out. If appropriate, I will loan my support to someone I feel will support what I believe matters. Until then, I will give this run a chance.

Signatures are no longer needed! Ignore the following:

If you are a registered Holyoke voter, you can sign online or in person. Here are the two options:

  • SIGN IN PERSON (EASIEST): Neatly sign the candidate form in the front lawn of 149 Central Park Drive, Holyoke, set inside a plastic container, and return to container. See signing tips below! (If it is not on a table on the lawn, look on the steps for a small clear container. – There is a picture of the house below.)


  • SIGN ONLINE: Neatlysign this document, Beatty_Signatures, electronically – see signing tips below! There are two ways to sign electronically, you can either:
      1. Print legal size and sign by hand, then scan the document with your signature, or
      2. Use a mouse, stylus, or finger to sign – no typing the signature!
        • You can use a free program like Sedja or PDFBuddy – if your signature is illegible, type your name as well. PDFBuddy seems easier to use.
          • For PDFBuddy, select signature and choose “Draw” for your signature – but type your name as well and type your address. PDFBuddy seems easier to use, but you are must give an email.
          • Sedja is nearly the same, a bit harder to use, but doesn’t require an email.
  • Email directly to:
      • beattyk
      • @
    • If you can’t email, then please send the printed document directly to the registrar’s office by mail and sent a note by email that you did with name. Mail to:
    • Registrar of Voters, City Hall, 536 Dwight Street, Room #9, Holyoke, MA 01040

Signing Tips:

  • Sign neatly so it can be read.
    • Use only your name, not titles: avoid using Mrs., Ms., etc.
    • Next to your signature, you can add your typed name.
  • Next to your signature in the second column, put your street address.
  • If you can, include ward and precinct (see here) – you do not have to do so, though.
  • I’ve included my own signature in the electronic version as an example – you can see what I did and then sign below my own.
  • See the Secretary of State website for more on electronic signatures if needed.

After Signing:

  • Please consider signing up for emailed information on this campaign using the form to right. I will send limited emails on the campaign if you sign up for information.
  • Share this article on Facebook and other social media!
  • Please print and fill out this absentee ballot request for all Massachusetts elections from the
    Secretary of State, checking off the box for all elections this year or only the 1 September 2020 Democratic primary, and mail to: Registrar of Voters, Holyoke City Hall, 536 Dwight Street, Room #9, Holyoke, MA 01040.
Kirstin Beatty